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مهندسی مواد و متالورژی

Article citations in all engineering fields, plus physics, electronics, robotics, and related fields.


Web of Science


MRS Online Proceedings Library

ECS Digital Library



Some standards are available online.  For standards in print, the link will take you to the record in Barton.  Follow the instructions for #2 (above) to find the standard number.

  • American Society for Testing and Materials: Annual Book of ASTM Standards

Current standards available online:

We also have older ASTM standards in print.

  • IEEE Standards – Electronically available through IEEE Xplore. Does not include draft standards.
  • Military Standards and Handbooks

Can often be found online at ASSIST Quick Search , some MIL Handbook also available via Knovel.

وب سایت های مهندسی مواد و متالورژی

پایگاه های خواص مواد


Try the Finding Chemical & Materials Properties guide, or these databases: