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گزارش های IHS

زنجیره تامین خودرو یک زنجیره پیچیده از روابط تولیدکنندگان و واسطه های فروش است که امر خرید آن را به یک چالش اساسی تبدیل کرده است. کمپانی Component Forecast Analytics CFA برای رفع این نیاز خاص ایجاد شده است. این کمپانی اقدام به انتشار گزارش های ویژه ای در زمینه صنعت خودروسازی در کشورهای سطح دنیا نموده است. این گزارش ها یکی از مهمترین منابع در زمینه شناسایی استانداردها و ویژگی های این صنعت است. مجموعه تحقیقاتی یابش امکان دستیابی به تعدای از مهمترین گزارش ها در این زمینه را برای کاربران خود فراهم نموده است.

لیست گزارش های حرفه ای IHS در سایت یابش

برای دستیابی به هر یک از گزارش های زیر با ما در تماس باشید


لیست گزارش ۱ لیست گزارش۲ لیست گزارش ۳
Technologies Driving Seat Comfort-2018 Low/Zero Emission Zones Report-2018 Exterior Systems Lightweighting-2018
Power Steering Systems Market Report-2018 New light sources: Redefining lighting industry-2018 Infotainment Head Unit Systems Report-2018
Regional E-mobility Profiles 2018-2018 Damper Market and Technology-2018 Alternative Fuels: CNG & LPG-2018
Automotive Connected Services and Apps Consumer Analysis-2018 Instrument Panel Report and Forecast-2018 Emerging car techs fueling new mobility services – Automotive Conference Mexico – Presentation-2018
Heated Steering Wheel fitment in OE light vehicles is growing significantly-2018 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Index (2018)-2018 Automotive Show Report – Paris-2018
Automotive Services, Apps & Software Report and Forecast-2018 Automotive software – IHS Markit Fall Conference – Presentation-2018 Regional Vehicle System Type Forecast-2018
Telematics Systems Market and Technology Trends Report-2018 Consumers and the car of the future – IHS Markit Fall Conference – Presentation-2018 Lighting Industry shifting towards sensor technology-2018
New automotive HMI concepts – IHS Markit Fall Conference – Presentation-2018 Evolving Technologies & Supply Chain in Automotive Display Segments – SID Vehicle Displays and Interfaces – Presentation-2018 The Impact of High Voltage Alternative Propulsion Systems on Power Electronics-2018
The Ever-Expanding Connected Car Market-2018- Light Vehicle Four Year Engine Forecasts – Q3 2018-2018 Light Vehicle Four Year Transmission Forecasts – Q3 2018-2018
Instrument Cluster Display Systems Market and Technology Trends Report-2018 Powertrain Systems – Engine Contribution to Lightweighting-2018 Auto Tech Report – Autonomous Driving: Question is when, not if-2015
Automotive User Experience Consumer Analysis-2018 Branded Speakers and Acoustics Report-2018 HVAC in Electric Vehicles-2018
Automotive Premium Audio Consumer Analysis-2018 Light Vehicle Four Year Production Forecasts – Q3 2018*-2018 Global Door Trim Panel Report-2018
Services, Apps & Software – OS and Projection Capable Forecast Database-2018 Chassis Systems Lightweighting Report-2018 Infotainment Systems Forecast-2018
HUD Systems Market and Technology Trends Report-2018 Report on Active Grille Shutter Sector-2018 Trends in Keyless Vehicle Access Control Systems-2018
The Global Airbag Report and Forecast-2018 Center Stack Display Systems Market and Technology Trends Report-2018 Mobility-as-a-Service and Autonomous Vehicles: Win-win technologies! – Automotive Technology Executive Briefing – Presentation-2018
EV Charging Infrastructure Forecast and Report Volume OEM Chassis Strategy Report-2018 The Chinese Automotive Supplier Report-2018-( PDF Download)
Lighting Regulatory Environment-2018 Disruption ahead: Autonomous-connected vehicles and mobility-as-a-service – Presentation-2018 The Automotive Turbochargers Report-2018
Automotive Cybersecurity Report-2018 Seat Value Chain Mapping-2018 Interior Systems Lightweighting-2018
Automotive Show Report – Beijing Auto Show-2018 Front Lighting ECU Trends-2018 Integrated Comfort Electronics on the Rise: Central Body Control Module Market Trends-2018
ADAS Applications and Sensors Report-2018 Mobility-as-a-Service to Lead Autonomous Vehicle Era – Executive Briefing – Presentation-2018 High Voltage Battery Cooling Components: Many alternative cooling solutions for lithium-ion and now the prospect of solid-state batteries-2018
The Advanced Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems Report-2018 In-Car Wireless Charging Forecast-2018 Premium OEM Chassis Strategy Report-2018
Supplying Hyundai Kia-2018 The Connected Car morphs into the Autonomous Car – Auto Briefing Sao Paulo – Presentation-2018 The Symbiotic Relationship between UX Innovations, Autonomy & Mobility – Car HMi USA – Presentation-2018
Automotive Fuel Systems Report-2018 Automotive Industry Briefing and Show Preview – NY International Auto Show – Presentation-2018 Automotive Show Report – New York-2018
Automotive Technology Overview – NY International Auto Show – Presentation-2018 Automotive Show Report – Geneva-2018 Automotive Wiring Harnesses Report-2018
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Index (2017)-2018 Automotive Show Report – Mobile World Congress-2018 Automotive Additive Manufacturing-2018
Supplying the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance-2018 Software Platforms and the Apps-Centric Car – Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2018 Innovations in Interior User Experience – Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2018
Automated and autonomous driving of today and tomorrow – Automotive Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2018 Technologies for the next decade – Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2018 Autonomous Vehicle Report-2018
Analysis of the Automotive High Voltage Battery Market-2018 Automotive User Interfaces Report-2018 Automotive A/C compressor technology overview and market analysis-2018
Usability Review – GM Marketplace Platform Caliper Market and Technology Advancement Report-2018 Legislation and Incentives Database and Report-2018
The Global Seat Assembly Report and Forecast-2018 Automotive Show Report – CES-2018 Mild Hybridization & 48V-2018
Automotive Show Report – NAIAS-2018 Supplying PSA-2018 CES 2018: OESA Annual Briefing on Automotive Technology – Presentation-2018
Usability Review – 2017 Cadillac CTS V-Series-2018 Supplying Mercedes-Benz-2017 Autonomous Vehicle Sales Forecast 2018-2018
Re-Purchase Behavior of US Battery Electric Vehicle Households-2017 The Automotive Exhaust and Aftertreatment Report-2017 OEM-Level Display Systems Report-2017
Automotive Show Report – Los Angeles-2017 Supplying the Volkswagen Group-2017 Volume OEMs Lightweighting Strategy-2017
Electric Vehicle OEM Start-Ups Report-2017 Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles-2017 Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Report-2017
The Software Centric Car – Chinese Presentation-2017 Premium OEM Lightweighting Strategy-2017 UI/UX Overview – From Buttons to Gestures – Chinese Presentation-2017
Emerging HMI Systems and Technologies Report-2017 Automotive Show Report – Tokyo-2017 Usability Review – 2018 Toyota C-HR XLE-2017
Automotive Show Report – IAA Frankfurt-2017 Evolving Display Technologies and Supply Chain – SID Vehicle Displays – Presentation-2017 ADAS on the Move – Automotive Fall Conference Series – Presentation-2017
Interiors of the Future – Auto Fall Conference, Detroit – Presentation-2017 Disruptive Technologies: Long Term Impact – Automotive Fall Conference Series – Presentation-2017 Mobility as a Service-2017
Automotive Display Update – Global Display Conference – Presentation-2017 Supplying Toyota-2017 Future Proofing Connected Vehicles – Auto Fall Conference, Frankfurt – Presentation-2017
Over-the-Air Updates: Real Market Emergence-2017 Usability Review – 2017 Peugeot 3008 Allure Usability Review – 2018 Audi Q5 quattro S tronic with Virtual Cockpit-2017
Camera and Display Mirrors Report-2017 Autonomous Driving Insights – Tech Executive Briefing – Presentation-2017 Usability Review – 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio-2017
Digitalization Impact on Automotive Landscape – Tech Executive Briefing – Presentation-2017 A New User Experience for Tomorrow’s Autonomous Cars – Tech Executive Briefing – Presentation-2017 From Connected to Autonomous Driving Cars – Auto Conference Monterrey – Presentation-2017
Supplying the BMW Group-2017 Legislation & Incentives Database-2017 Regional E-mobility Profiles 2017-2017
The SuRe Index Report – 2016 Edition-2017 Usability Review – 2017 Renault Talisman Grandtour-2017 Electric Parking Brake Market Report-2017
Valvetrain report-2017 Automotive Software: Trends, Importance & Opportunities – GENIVI AMM 2017 Conference – Presentation-2017 Autonomous Driving and Urban Mobility Consumer Analysis-2017
Automotive Connected Services and Apps Consumer Analysis-2017 Characteristics of OE Demand / Supply of Light Vehicle Engine Oil Filters and the Role of Modules-2017 Automotive Premium Audio Consumer Analysis-2017
Supplying the FCA Group-2017 UX Innovations for Tomorrow’s Autonomous Cars – Car HMI USA – Presentation-2017 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Index (2016)-2017
Automotive Show Report – NYIAS-2017 Automotive Show Report – Shanghai-2017 Usability review: 2017 Genesis G80 Ultimate package-2017
Autonomous Driving & Mobility – Auto Executive Briefing – Presentation-2017 Global Trends & Growth Momentum in Auto Tech – Korea Display Conference – Presentation-2017 Megatrends and the Connected Car Age – IHS Markit Briefing & Tours Events – Presentation-2017
Defining the New Automotive User Experience – Automotive Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2017 The South Korea Automotive Supplier Report-2017 Software Power, the State of SAS – Automotive Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2017
Transportation Evolving – Automotive Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2017 Mobility of the Future – Conference Automobile Conectée – Presentation-2017 Growth, Disruption, & the New Automotive User Experience – ACMA Briefing – Presentation-2017
Use of Machine Learning and Laser Scanner Technologies in Vehicles – Automotive Spring Conference Series – Presentation-2017 The Indian Automotive Supplier Report-2017 Auto Tech Changing The Game – Women in Auto Care Winter Leadership Conference – Presentation-2017
Challenges of Car sharing & Ride hailing vs. Advanced Automotive Technologies – JAMA Seminar – Presentation (Japanese)-2017 Usability Review – 2017 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve-2017 Look Beyond 2017, Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Driving – China International Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Summit – Presentation-2017
Usability Review – 2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring-2017 Torque Transfer Report-2017 Thermal Systems in Light Vehicle Seats and Surfaces-2017
Automotive Show Report – CES / NAIAS-2017 Supplying Ford-2017 NAIAS 2017 – IHS Markit NAIAS Briefing – Presentation-2017
CES 2017 – OESA Annual Briefing on Automotive Technology – Presentation-2017 Leather in Automotive Interiors-2017 Usability Review – 2016 Buick Cascada Premium 1SP-2016
ASEAN Automotive Supplier Report-2016 Usability Review – ۲۰۱۶ Honda Civic Coupe Touring-2016 Apps Integration Strategy-2016
High-Tech Industry Impact on Automotive: Apple and Other Potential Disruptors-2016 Automotive Show Report – Sao Paulo-2016 Usability Review – 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum-2016
Supplying General Motors-2016 Guidance and Maps Report-2016 Supplying Honda-2016
LED on the Rise: A Study on the Adoption of LED and OLED in the Automotive Industry-2016 Thermal Management: HVAC Modules and Controls – Market Dynamics-2016 The Japanese Automotive Supplier Report-2016
Usability Review – 2016 Cadillac CT6 Premium Luxury-2016 Auto Tech Market Share Database – Navigation Supplier – Global – H1 2016-2016 Supplying Tata-2016
Usability Review – 2016 Mazda 3 with SKYACTIV Technology-2016 The Seating Systems Report-2016 Auto Tech Report – Emerging Automotive Display Systems and Technologies – 2016-2016
The Interior Textiles Report-2016 Automotive Show Report – Beijing-2016 Auto Tech Market Share Database – Premium Audio Supplier – Global – H1 2016-2016
Usability Review – 2016 Kia Optima SXL-2016 Autonomous Vehicle Sales Forecast-2016 Auto Tech Report – Usage Based Insurance (UBI) – 2016-2016
Usability Review – 2016 Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription-2016 Usability Review – 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class-2016 Auto Tech Report – HMI Trends – 2016-2016
The Automotive Interiors Report-2016 Usability Review – 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander GT-2016 Auto Tech HMI & Usability – Forecast Database – H1 2016-2016
Weight Reduction in Automotive Design-2016 The South American Automotive Supplier Report-2015 Usability Review – 2016 BMW 7 Series-2016
Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Charging Report – 2015 Auto Tech Report – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Refuelling Infrastructure Market-2016 The European Automotive Supplier Report-2015
Usability Review – 2015 Chrysler 300 S-2015 Auto Tech Report – Google Self-Driving Car Strategy and Implications-2015 The Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Technologies Report-2015
Usability Review – 2015 Ford F-150 King Ranch-2015 Usability Review – 2015 Acura TLX with AcuraLink-2015 Usability Review – 2015 Nissan Murano Platinum-2015
Supplying Jaguar Land Rover – 2015 edition-2015 Usability Review – 2014 Fiat 500L Trekking with Uconnect-2015 Usability Review – 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn-2015
Supplying Volvo-2015 The Middle East and Africa Automotive Supplier Report-2015 Usability Review – 2015 Cadillac ATS 2.0T with Cadillac CUE and 4G LTE-2015
Auto Tech Report – Vehicle-to-X Communications-2015 The North American Automotive Supplier Report-2015